2001 Odyne Systems, LLC has no relationship with Odyne Corporation
• Predecessor of Odyne Corporation (NY) was formed to develop and produce technology that could be used in electric and hybrid electric propulsion systems for vehicles over 14,000 lbs (6,350 kg)

• Odyne Corporation (NY) and DUECO introduce the first commercial plug-in hybrid medium duty work truck, featuring hybrid driving benefits and stationary operation with the engine “off.”

• Odyne Corporation’s assets were acquired by Odyne Systems, LLC, an affiliate of DUECO. 
Production and development activities were relocated to Wisconsin and expanded
• DUECO and Odyne begin a $2.9M cost shared project awarded by the DOE to develop an advanced plug-in hybrid system for trucks over 14,000 pounds

• Odyne granted 3 patents, 8 U.S. and 12 International patents pending
• Odyne develops and fields hybrid systems for International, Freightliner and GMC chassis
• Odyne begins raising outside capital to fund growth and separate operations from DUECO, Inc.
• State of Wisconsin designates Odyne for up to $1.5M in tax credits for eligible investors

• System integrated with Ford chassis
• Odyne appoints Terex Utilities as a global distributor
• Wisconsin Department of Commerce increases investor tax credits to $2M for Odyne, now a “Qualified New Business Venture”
• Odyne enters into strategic supply agreement with Remy Electric Motors
• Odyne announces advanced hybrid system developed in cooperation with DOE
• Odyne takes steps to separate from DUECO, Inc.
• Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) makes strategic investment in Odyne Systems
• Odyne enters into preferred supply agreement with JCI
• California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District awards grants as part of cost shared project
• Odyne ships advanced plug-in hybrid systems in conjunction with DOE Clean Cities program

• Odyne delivers seven hybrid system work trucks through the Wisconsin Clean Transportation program
• Odyne showcases Ford F-750 in Ford Booth at NTEA
• Odyne Systems delivers five plug-in hybrid work trucks supported by the U.S Department of Energy
• U.S. Secretary of Energy views Odyne plug-in hybrid technology for medium- and heavy-duty trucks at Green Truck Association event
• Fast paced video highlights key advantages of the Odyne advanced plug-in hybrid system for medium- and heavy-duty trucks
• Milwaukee County event officially welcomed four work trucks powered by Odyne plug-in hybrid systems into their fleet
• Odyne participates in nation’s first traditional parade powered by advanced energy
• Allison Transmission, the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium and heavy duty vehicles, purchases equity stake in Odyne Systems
• Odyne Systems and Altec, Inc., approve non-exclusive global supply agreement

2013Odyne powered bucket truck
• Odyne receives 2013 NTEA Work Truck Show Green Award for unique new walk-in van hybrid power application
• Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker visits Odyne (see video)
• Joe Dalum named president of the Green Truck Association
• The California Energy Commission awards Odyne two projects to demonstrate advanced medium- and heavy-duty vehicle pre-commercial hybrid technologies on new and existing trucks
• The U.S. Department of Defense through Battelle awards hybrid supply contract to Odyne for naval base in Hawaii
• Odyne holds 6 U.S. and 2 International patents and an additional 6 U.S. patents and 14 International patents are pending
• Joe Dalum elected to the Electric Drive Transportation Association Board
• DOE, SCAQMD and EPRI select Odyne Systems to participate in $45.4 million contract for deployment of plug-in hybrid medium- and heavy-duty trucks, includes planned deployment of over 120 plug-in hybrid medium- and heavy-duty trucks throughout North America.Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker visits Odyne Feb. 18
• Allison Transmission exclusively recognizes and endorses Odyne as the only approved supplier of hybrid electric systems and ePTO systems using a Power Take Off interface.


• Odyne Endorsed for Allison 2000, 3000 and 4000 Series™ Transmissions
• Odyne named a 2014 Eureka Innovation Award Winner by the Milwaukee Business Journal.Eureka Award
• Odyne receives BizTimes 2014 I.Q. Award for Innovation in Business.
Odyne Partners with Allison Transmission’s Midwest Distributor Inland Power to Deliver on $45.4 Million Contract
Odyne Partners with Allison Transmission’s California Distributor, Valley Power Systems, Inc., for Plug-In Hybrid Installations
Odyne Introduces Advanced Export Power System to Provide Clean, Stationary Electrical Power from the Vehicle
DUECO Inc. Delivers the First of 22 Work Trucks Featuring Odyne Hybrid Systems to PECO


  • Odyne completes delivery of 119 PHEV systems for medium and heavy duty chassis as part of a $95.8 million program (DOE FOA-28 award number EE0002549)
  • Builds backlog of new orders, 80% are without any government subsidy
  • Odyne receives 2014 Governor’s New Product Award by the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers (WSPE)
  • Completes 3rd party testing showing 50%+ GHG reduction and 90+% NOx reductions for typical duty cycles as part of programs awarded to Odyne by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), California Energy Commission (CEC) and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) (L.A.)
  • Receives first ever Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) permitting installation and sale of Odyne PHEV system on allowed MD/HD chassis in California
  • Odyne ships plug-in hybrid systems for new tank truck applications, delivered in cooperation with Amthor International
  • Odyne begins manufacturing the reduced cost 14.2 kWh PHEV system
  • Begins delivery of enhanced PHEV system with market leading 4 kW of DC/DC power and 12 kW of export power from battery
  • Odyne delivers new compressor applications to Boss and Vanair, extends aerial applications to market leaders Altec, Terex and Versalift, extends crane applications to Fassi and IMT
  • Odyne expands and moves to larger facility
  • Expands service network, includes new Allison Distribution members
  • Starts manufacturing and installation in California with largest Allison distributor in the state, under program with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to improve efficiency and performance of existing trucks (upgrade technology of vehicles already in fleets)
  • Supports Edison Electric Institute (EEI) initiative by delivering the only PHEV systems available on medium and heavy duty trucks to wide variety of U.S. utility fleets
  • Participates in industry events including ACTexpo, NTEA, EUFMC, ICUEE, GreenFleets, Calstart, DOE CleanCities
  • Odyne IP awarded new patents and develops new technology, Granted Patents total 19 U.S. and International patents; 24 pending patents
  • Odyne demonstrates duty cycle based efficiency optimization, achieving up to 45% increase in mpg compared to non-hybrid as measured in 3rd party testing
  • Expands data analytics capability, deploys leading telematics technology and duty cycle analysis, shares data with the National Renewable Energy Lab (U.S. D.O.E.)




Odyne systems are available on Altec bucket trucks and digger derricks, Terex bucket trucks and digger derricks, Versalift bucket trucks and other applications.

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